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The lunar new year, 2023

Photograph by Emma Ledwith

As the lunar new year starts, many consider these days as the ideal moment for seed planting, witnessing slow growth, intention setting and allow our deepest visions to bubble up to the surface out of deep wishes & dreams.

My world is pictured in slow motion pace in the last few months, discovering many new layers, experiences and aspects of life in this body, It’s been super nurturing to be nesting, doing things I’ve never done or experienced before and enduring those that have been besides me for some time now, Yoga Nidra being of my most needed and nourishing go-to medicine these days.

Today, I’d like to share with you easy to apply doings that might serve as nectar to replenish the body-mind & soul during everyday routines + I am bringing some special offerings this year, and I am too becoming a Mum this February!!

3 things that will transform your day, any-day

Get your feet naked on the ground

The grass outside your home is perfect if you live in the country-side. If you live in a city, find that window to nature near you and let the Earth touch you shoe-less! Connect with the temperature and the textures on your feet. Maybe for 3 minutes or so, you will be able to extend this time during the warmer months!

Face the Sun in the early hours of the day

Clouds no matter! (still works) If possible stay face to the Sun for a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes connecting with the warm luminosity that the Sun radiates generously and indiscriminately every day on us. The early hours are the most precious, if possible, direct exposure no closed windows or curtains in between

Notice your breath before responding

Do you find yourself juggling too many balls at the same time? Specially in those moments, take a pause to listen to yourself, see your body breathing as you transition through it all and take time to respond if needed be. Not to forget: alone time is gold to clear out from the feeling of ‘busy-ness’ and many other aspects too, even in small dosages.

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