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Practice Yoga online, anywhere you happen to be

Meets weekly, from the Barcelona Terrace with María, live.

Why Grace?

“To talk about Grace is like trying to describe the scent of a flower” By creating space for Grace on a regular basis we slowly begin to develop the capacity to enhance a sense of beauty, presence and gratitude into everything we do moment-to-moment. It is my deepest wish that you begin to identify clearly the glimpses of Grace that are constantly in your surroundings, anytime, anywhere.

What to expect about this class?

60 minute complete yoga session that includes:

  • Initial meditation, mudra and mantra
  • Enphasis in bringing awareness to the way we breath and move
  • Introduction or reflections related to the theme that we are working on in the current cycle.
  • Physical practice that includes corporal shapes and traditional yoga postures.
  • Time in stillness, quiet time
  • Final mantra and closing of the session

What’s inside SOG?

  • 1 exclusive Newsletter on your inbox each month before the cycle starts: when you sign up and become a member of the SOG you will receive exclusive resources and inspiration to accompany each of our sessions as we work together around a particular theme that relates to subjects of interest.
  • Direct and personalised modifications are provided for each individual whenever necessary in order to enhance the student’s growth and awareness based on their own personal capacity/limitations and their infinite potential.

We currently are an intimate group of 7 long-term students, I am glad for those of you that are already in and happy to extend this invite to new participants.

11:00am CET

Meets live, online

Class details

Meets on zoom every Sunday at 10:00am (GMT) in the UK and 11:00am (CET) Madrid. From the Barcelona terrace.

Meeting opens 5 to 8 minutes before start time.

Recordings will be available to revisit for 7 days after the date of the class, if you can not join us live.

How to prepare? you need your yoga Mat (all props welcome), your device charged to be able to follow the class and the top one: your commitment. (Optional to switch your camera on/off, I highly recommend to have it on during the session so I can see you and provide helpful modifications where necessary)

£15 / 18€
Monthly rate
(gives you access to all the Sundays of the month): £38 / 45€

Resident students enjoy special rate.

To register: please contact María or speak to her directly after class, the first time you come in is free of charge (use the link below to access).

Partial scholarships available, please email us here with a cover letter expressing your interest and why would you like to apply.

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