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Follow your dreams they say…

…but who actually does it?

By dreaming I mean to fiercely go for that, that you deeply desire: your heart’s longing. That image behind the common phrase that we tend to frame as “if I could be anything I’ll be…”, the same question keeps on circlulating in our daily lives, how many of us have heard or directly asked the children or anyone that makes us curious:

What is your dream?

I had the pleasure to invest the month of August continuing my Dance studies and the Arts in the city of Banská Bystrica right in the center of Slovakia. After some time of fruitful training and a delightful avalanche of discomfort… I am feeling surprisingly rooted and moved by satisfaction, inspiration, passion and occasional sneezes of joy.

Dancing is one of my deepest dreams from early childhood and grew old with me into adulthood, it kept coming back to me across time until I decided to listen, take action and essentially, say YES to what really feels like a YES.

To be a dreamer and live as one is a courageous act, even if the world around us or our own perceptions try to convince us of the opposite.

I now wander.. what is one thing within you wishing to emerge to the surface and inhabit your body?

how old it is?

If you could be anything what would you be?


If I could be anything… I would be a dancer, and so many other things simultaneously.

And If I could choose again probably I will stay a dreamer

Since I am surrounded by corageous dreamers, tell me…

What is your dream?

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