Reclaiming the Yoga we forget & remember

Positano Retreat September 2022, La Selva. Photography by Fabi Iraci.

Yoga is an ancient tool that has and continues to unravel so much richness, connection and awakening to my human experience, mantaining me close to my essence, refining my focus and helping me calm the mind whilst making me feel better, more capable in my body and with a clearer direction. Sharing it with more people brings me joy, fulfillment and satisfaction and my hope is that awakes your spark from within in the must unexpected and needed of ways for you in this moment to help us navigate life with more grace & guided by the force of love. We might forget and then remember again once it hits us back in, with either a really good yoga class or a life circumstance where we get to see how far we have come and how impact-full this found is or can be. Yoga is not a mechanic doing, requires active participation and engagement in order for it to do it’s thing, this sensitivity takes years to be reset and developed again as adults, just so we can experience a taste of remembrance of the aliveness, playfulness and newness of it all.

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