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Resume of Yoga Studies & Certifications


  • 200 hour ‘Exquisite Mettamorphosis’ Yoga Teacher Training, January 2015 – San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.
  • Completed iRest Yoga Nidra Level 1 and Level 2 Teacher Training, Spring 2017 and Autumn 2018 – Oxfordshire and London, England.
  • 30 hour ‘The Complete Talia Sutra Method’, online course. Summer 2023.

After meeting yoga and engaging with the practise for over 4 years in my hometown, I completed my first yoga certification with Meghan Currie. I did my research based on my interests by the time and this training meet many of my wishes and interests. I decided to firstly receive online clases with Meghan to experience the style and later on decided to sign up for the training and travel to Nicaragua, completing a 28 day intensive 200hr Exquisite Mettamorphosis Yoga Teacher Training.

My studies in Yoga continued consistently as I kept cultivating my practise attending classes, workshops, retreats and yoga events, maily across Europe and Asia with many wonderful teachers, many of them I intentionally choosed and purposefully visited, many appeared spontaneously.

Along the journey I have experienced many known yoga styles and methods, yet for me they all deliver the same message and even bring a familiar feeling. I do not follow one only lineage, or school, or teacher, I approach them all as Yoga, in great devotion, respect and appreciation for the tradition and the ancestral wisdom that lives within these teachings/practises.

As time went by and I began to earn experience, gradually started sharing my voice with more trust and began to sculpt my own teaching style (which is always under updates and far away from becoming static or mechanic).

Something I was determined to accomplish at some point during my career was to refresh and in a way re-live what was experienced and learnt in my first 200 hour certification. This time with added hours of practise, travels and many transformations… so I asked about the possibility to offer my work and expertise at a coming Training and had the wonderful oppotunity to join as an assistant for Meghan Currie’s ‘Love School’ at the Exquisite Mettamorphosis 200hr Yoga teacher training in Bali, for 28 days by November of 2018. This second visit had nothing to do with my first training as I was a different ‘me’ by then, but filled me up with such goodness, experience in the field, fulfillment and lifelong memories.

Graduates and YTT Team, Bali 2018

The flourishment of the qualities of confidence and authenticity are present in everything I do and they become stronger as I go, not only inside the classroom but also outside, in the extra-ordinary cotidianity.

Discovering the heart of Yoga through Yoga Nidra & Meditation

During 4 years of my life I lived in the UK after leaving the comfort of my home in South America. I travelled in and around many european countries, accomplishing many of my dreams and encountering many unknown versions of myself along the way. Naturally, I started to feel curious about the subject of meditation and the exploration of stillness as it was indeed something I didn’t pay too much attention in previous years and found challenging to approach. One day through a conversation with a friend, I connected with the message of Yoga Nidra and decided to investigate about it and had the opportunity to study the subject more in-depth.

I connected with James Reeves who has been leading Yoga Nidra trainings in England for years and finalised a L1 and L2 certifitation as an iRest® Integrative Restoration Yoga Nidra teacher, both in 2017 and 2018 accordingly. For the first time, I was probably ready to meet and experience the silent, healing power of meditation, rest and the still practises. These teachings profoundly touched me and brought me in contact with what for me is the heart of yoga.

After deep transformations transiting through the incorporation of these teachings into experience and various applicable practises, I went on my first and only 10 day Silent meditation retreat in the Dhamma Dipa centre in Herefordshire, England, experience that amplified a deep sense of peace, connectivity and wholeness.

In 2018, after completing Part 2 I worked and coordinated the practical side of various iRest Trainings and Retreats taught by James Reeves in collaboration with worldwide renowned teachers, including in person events as well as online formats that got freshly introduced during lockdown as an alternative to continue to have access to these offerings in the conditions of the time.

Working within this atmosphere felt enriching and insightful, each time I have the opportunity to experience or re-visit these precious teachings, the experience reveals and highlights the importance to continue meeting these moments of stillness in everyday life. I continue to incorporate these aspects in my teaching so others can also experience and perhabs benefit from the silent insight that meditation reveals.