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Earth songs for the heart

Find me there, with the silent burst of a Wild bloom, early morning scent of a freshly opened rose hear me through singing birds hugged in radiant enthusiasm, singing purpose-less songs. just for the joy of singing

The transit of the River, washing and pushing non-stop, never gets tired, never sleeps, endless melodies

There where the sweetest waters penetrate the depths of the Ocean

Meet me there, where the Sky meets the sea. From above, where the air seems fresher and there’s only footprints on the soil overwhelming green of a showered field, uncutted grass expressing the wisdom of the Earth

The wide spreadable web that roots down down down from the huge Oak tree interconnecting beings, situations and organisms

The mediterranean forest, high up breeze caresing the curves of a unique body of life, naked feet kissing the earth
your favourite ice-cream flavour, the greatest creamy-ness in summer colours melting in the mouth

There in the big full of small, where the supreme mountains pulse the heartbeat of Europe warm glorious Sun, delightful kisses shooting vitality, un-veiling naked souls, reviving elastic tissues

She dances, in the shades of the Moon to the beats of the now

Join me for an in-person Yoga class on Saturday 1st of July at 9:30am

Yoga for all class in Crewe

Coming Up

Summer Retreat in Positano

Dates: 26th of August till 2nd of September, 2023. Hosted in nature at La Selva Positano.

The stunning setting will accompany the various activities that are part of this retreat, including daily yoga, meditation, hiking, dance & more!

Time for you to recharge, replenish, rest, be in nature, stay active in the body and celebrate life.


Join us!

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