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A heart filling morning of Yoga

I’ve been reflecting on the subject of work this year more than any other, mainly because my days are accompanied by a beautiful baby that is my daughter and this transformation of becoming a Mother has provided my new added job, I don’t even have the year here and we are in full time – quite a steady position in the new role.

What a gift is to work as a teacher, in this case, sharing yoga to more people. I have not had many occasions to share moments of yoga with others to the day but the experiences I have had and continue to add have been incredibly intimate and fulfilling. Work, after all is ideally meant to be heart filling for all the parts involved.

I am present almost every morning for the Sunday of Grace to guide our online class from the Barcelona terrace, also, we closed the summer at the Positano Retreat for 8 days, where amidst many pleasures, also dedicated quality time to the spiritual practice within an intimate setting. Now, as the foliage changes colours and begin to fall from the crest of the trees just before All Saints day I will be offering a full morning workshop in Crewe, 10 to 13:30 hosted at the Ministry of Yoga, there’s a link bellow with all details.

Retreat days under the Olives. Photograph by Frida.

I had this thing of setting themes around my offerings in this cycle, during Sundays, month by month we work on something specific, some examples are ‘Balancing Balance, The Summer Body, Pelvic floor awareness’ and then change the subject as we move on to something else.

The theme I unintentionally chose for many of the things I do every-day, as well as the Retreat and now this workshop is Vitality and Peace, essentialy refers to enjoy good energy in the mind-body and soul and feel free from worries. This is essentially what we will cultivate and ellaborate together during the morning of the 29th of October.

And speaking of themes, in October I will be bringing to the Sunday of Grace the theme of ‘The Sustainable Body’, if you’re here for the long run, this might be for you. Plus.. fits well with the workshop theme too, meaning that if you do both there’s more puzzle pieces to add in the big picture.

Thank you work, and thank you… for reading me

Work is love made visible.

‘On Work’ From The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

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